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Museum Visit

Museum Visit

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Museum Tour

Discover the history of chocolate in the interactive Cailler Museum

Always wanted to know more about how your favorite chocolate is made and how it came to be? Wonder no more. A sweet adventure awaits you at the Cailler chocolate museum in Broc, Switzerland. Here you can find out all about Cailler’s history – from its first factory opening in 1898 to present day. Get ready to immerse yourself in the tantalizing world of Swiss chocolate.


Get hands-on with the exhibits in the Cailler chocolate museum​

Explore the story of our chocolate through a series of interactive, multisensory experiences, and maybe uncover a few secrets along the way – perfect for the kids!​
Our unique museum tour (available in different languages) lasts around one hour and leads you through the history of chocolate, from Aztec cocoa ceremonies to the innovations of today. Discover how we use exquisite cocoa beans and high-quality ingredients to make the finest chocolate creations.


Tour the factory of the Maison Cailler Museum​

You’ve been enjoying Cailler’s delicious chocolate for years, but always wanted to know how it’s made? In the Maison Cailler Museum, you get to go behind the scenes and see parts of the actual factory responsible for bringing your favorite treat to life. You’ll even get a live glimpse of how the chocolate is created. If you feel motivated to try your hand at chocolate making, this is the perfect opportunity to book one of our chocolate workshops where you can make your very own tasty creation.



Treat your palate in the Cailler Museum​

And of course, no visit to a chocolate museum would be complete without a little chocolate tasting, would it? And at the end of the tour, you can do just that! Indulge your palate with an amazing variety of flavors – just what your taste buds have been waiting for.