10:00-17:00 Last ticket sale 16:00
7/7 except 01.01 & 25.12


10:00-17:00 Last ticket sale 16:00
7/7 except 01.01 & 25.12
Museum tour

Museum Tour

A sweet adventure awaits you at the Maison Cailler chocolate attraction in Broc. Explore the story of our chocolate through a series of interactive, multi-sensorial experiences, and maybe uncover a few secrets along the way.
Our unique museum tour of about one hour leads you through the history of chocolate, from Aztec cocoa ceremonies to the innovations of today. Discover how we use exquisite cocoa beans and high-quality ingredients to make the finest chocolate creations, and indulge your palate with an amazing variety of flavours during a chocolate tasting.




The visit of my dreams at Maison Cailler

Pen, paint, collage, fabrics, pencil.... It's up to you! Show your creativity and send us your most beautiful drawing inspired by the theme "The visit of my dreams at Maison Cailler".

WIN : 

1st to 3rd prize

    Family Chocolate Experience at Maison Cailler

   (Workshop, visit, snack and souvenir)

4-10th Prize:

   A gourmet basket to share with your family 

11-20th Prize

   A metallic box " Mon Praliné Cailler " to be personalized  


Want to participate?

Send us your drawing until February 28, 2021

          - By email :           


          - By mail : 

                    Maison Cailler, Drawing contest, Rue Jules Bellet 7, 1636 Broc

          - Via Instagram:   

                    by tagging @cailler_suisse

Don't forget to write your first name, last name, date of birth, postal address and an email address on the back of your drawing!


Conditions of participation: 

The competition is open to all persons up to 16 years old whose residence is in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.


We look forward to discovering your artwork!

Conditions of participation :

Article 1 Contest

Maison Cailler- Nestlé Suisse SA organizes, from February 9 to 28, 2021 inclusive, on its website a free contest with no obligation to buy.

Theme: The visit of my dreams at Maison Cailler

Send by email (, by post (Maison Cailler, Concours dessin, Rue Jules Bellet 7, 1636 Broc) or by tagging @Cailler_Suisse on Instagram until Sunday, February 28th at midnight, mentioning the child's coordinates and age. On the back of the drawings must appear the participant's contact information : Last name, first name, physical address, e-mail address and date of birth.


Article 2 Participants

The contest is open to any natural person up to 16 years old at the time of participation. Participants must be living in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

Article 3 Participation

3.1 Nestlé Suisse SA informs Internet users that, although the website can be accessed worldwide, the website and the competition have been formatted and are only open to persons residing in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

3.2 By participating in this competition, the participant accepts these terms and conditions of participation in full and without reservation. The participant may enter the competition only once.

In order to avoid entries that do not comply with these conditions of participation, Nestlé Suisse SA may limit participation in the competition by technical means (in particular, limitation to one entry per IP address or e-mail address). In this case, Nestlé Suisse SA shall not be liable in the event of inability to participate.  

3.3 The participant agrees that his or her personal data may be collected and processed by Maison Cailler- Nestlé Suisse SA and/or specially commissioned partner companies within the framework of this competition in accordance with the Swiss Data Protection Act.   

3.4 Furthermore, the participant undertakes in particular to :

- Not to cause any malfunction or interruption of the system linking the networks or servers of third parties to the website.

- Comply with all regulations, codes of conduct and procedures of the Internet network.

- Not attempt to infiltrate other computer systems in an unauthorized manner.

- Do not interfere with the use or operation of the Website or any other similar services.

- Do not impersonate a third party or use a false name.

- Not to use any process contrary to good faith to increase its chances of winning or the chances of winning of third parties, through technological solutions or tricks of any kind (for example, use of voting groups on social networks).

Any person who violates these prohibitions or engages in similar behaviour may be excluded from the contest and/or will be disqualified from winning. Nestlé Suisse SA reserves the right to take legal or administrative action should such behaviour violate the law or jeopardize its interests.

3.5 Nestlé Suisse SA shall be free to cancel the contest in whole or in part in the event of any irregularities, in particular by computerised means, in connection with participation in the contest or the determination of the winners.

3.6 Clause concerning copyright in the event of a participant's contribution

The participant declares to be the author of the contribution and not to have assigned the right to exploit it exclusively or non-exclusively to third parties and releases Nestlé Suisse SA from any claim or demand relating to the material and/or intangible property of the contribution.

In addition, it certifies that it has all the necessary rights for its distribution, in particular if it exposes third parties. Under no circumstances shall Nestlé Suisse SA be held liable for the violation of rights belonging to third parties of which it is not aware of the existence or quality.

The participant agrees to assign all rights of use of his/her contribution to Nestlé Suisse SA. Audiovisual, visual or editorial contributions must not contain any elements that are contrary to the law or morality and in particular that are offensive to humans and animals. If the quality of the submitted contribution is insufficient, it may be excluded from the competition.

The participant also accepts that his or her contribution may be viewed by Nestlé Suisse SA before being published on the website.

3.7 Facebook Contest

Entrant acknowledges that the Contest has no connection to Facebook and is not sponsored, endorsed or organized by Facebook. Entrant releases Facebook from any and all claims in connection with this contest. All information is provided exclusively by the participants and not by Facebook and all information is made available to Nestlé Suisse SA and not to Facebook.


Article 4 Prizes


     Family Chocolate Experience at Maison Cailler (max 5 people)

     On the program of the chocolate package :

  • Family Chocolate Pleasure" workshop
  • Visit of Maison Cailler
  • In case and souvenir gift offered


     Gourmet Basket to share with the family


     A metallic box "Mon Parliné Cailler" to be personalized


4.1 Prizes cannot be converted into cash. Nestlé Suisse SA may at any time decide to replace the prizes with other equivalents.

4.2 Nestlé Suisse SA and its suppliers accept no liability in the event of non-award of the prizes for reasons beyond their control (incomplete or incorrect contact details of the winners, losses, postal strikes, etc.). Furthermore, if the winner does not make himself/herself known within 6 months of receiving notification of his/her prize, the right to the prize will be definitively forfeited.

4.3 The organizer is responsible for the shipment and assumes the costs.

4.4 Nestlé Suisse SA reserves the right to verify the truthfulness of the data when awarding the prizes.

4.5 A jury will award the prizes on 7 March 2021. The winners will be notified in writing. The names of the winners will be published on and our social networks. The drawings may be published. Prizes will be sent by post.


Article 5 Liability

5.1 Nestlé Suisse SA reserves the right to shorten, extend, modify or cancel all or part of this competition without notice if circumstances oblige it to do so. Nestlé Suisse SA shall not be held liable in this respect and no compensation may be claimed.

5.2 Nestlé Suisse SA reminds participants of the characteristics and limits of the Internet network and declines all responsibility for the consequences of participants connecting to this network via partner sites.

5.3 In addition, Nestlé Suisse SA shall not be liable for any material or immaterial damage caused to participants, their computer equipment and the data stored on it, as well as for any consequences that may arise from this on their personal, professional or commercial activities. When using this site (navigation [and voting process]), participants agree not to distribute any content from the site to third party sites.

5.4 Nestlé Suisse SA shall not be held liable in the event that one or more participants are unable to connect to the site or to participate in the competition due to technical faults or problems related in particular to network congestion.

Nestlé Suisse SA cannot be held responsible:

- Connection, network or computer problems that could limit, slow down or disrupt connections, telephones, telephone lines, telephone systems, website or Internet traffic.

- Technical and mechanical malfunctions.

- Hard drive or software malfunctions of any kind.

- Other malfunctions.

- Errors caused by equipment, programming, human error or any other reason.

- Damage to the participant's or any other person's computer resulting from participation in the contest.


Article 6 Jurisdiction and applicable law

In the event of a dispute concerning the interpretation and application of these conditions of participation, an amicable solution will be sought. In the event that no amicable solution is found, the place of jurisdiction is Vevey. Swiss law is applicable.


Broc, 08 February 2021

Hygiene plan

Measures COVID-19


All persons in the company wash their hands regularly.


  1. Employees have access to disinfection points and can wash their hands regularly.
  2. Employees can also obtain gloves on request.
  3. Customers disinfect their hands at the entrance (ensure that the information is visible at the entrance) and at various points along the entire tour.
  4. Customers have the opportunity to disinfect their shopping basket with disposable towels in the boutique.
  5. The concept of our tasting room will be adapted.
  6. The raw materials room will be adapted. There is no longer self-service, but customers can taste the raw materials in the tasting room on demand.
  7. All freely accessible brochures and other documents are removed from the displays. They are available on request at the reception.


Employees and all other persons keep a distance of two metres from each other.


  1. Social Distancing is ensured by means of markings on the floor along the entire tour, where relevant (ticketing kiosks, boutique, café, etc.), to demarcate the waiting areas.
  2. A Plexiglas protection will be installed at the ticket offices.
  3. In addition to the unidirectional tour, Maison Cailler limits the time slots available online to limit crowds and queues on site.
  4. The number of places in the Atelier du Chocolat is limited due to current regulations.
  5. Access to the toilets and staff changing rooms is limited, allowing staff to relax safely during their breaks.


Less than two metres distance unavoidable

The specific aspects of the work and professional situations must be taken into account in order to ensure protection.


  1. If the safety distance cannot be maintained, a mask must be worn.
  2. Employees are given 2 masks a day at the site.
  3. No hand to hand contact. Employees are instructed to use the service counters for handing out products etc.


Surfaces and objects must be cleaned regularly and appropriately after use, especially if they are touched by multiple persons.


  1. The cleaning plan of ISS (including waste disposal, toilet cleaning) will be extended to ensure a more regular flow.
  2. Employees will be provided with disinfectant products so that they can disinfect their workplace upon arrival and after returning from their break.
  3. Employees are also encouraged to regularly clean the parts of the service counters used by customers throughout the day.
  4. There is no material sharing in the Atelier du Chocolat. Each customer receives his own utensils at his workplace.
  5. The employees already have personal work clothes, which they maintain on their own responsibility.



  1. For employees who belong to a risk group: home office is to be preferred in order to avoid customer contact. If not possible, use a mask and follow the FOPH's hygiene recommendations.
  2. For customers who belong to a risk group: It is possible to reserve a separate time slot for the visit via the customer service or on request on site.



  1. Those affected must be sent home immediately and asked to place themselves in self quarantine in accordance with the FOPH's regulations.
  2. An internal report must be prepared and followed up with the nurse of the facility and the person responsible for SHE.
  3. Maison Cailler employees are subject to the regulations applicable to Nestlé Switzerland employees.


The specific aspects of the work and professional situations must be taken into account in order to ensure protection.


  1. Employees must be instructed in the correct use of masks and the correct practices for washing hands.
  2. Waste disposal: There is a separate waste bin for the masks at the reception of the site.
  3. The straps of the audio guides are cleaned regularly.


Employees and all other persons concerned must be informed about the regulations and measures. Sick persons must be sent home and asked to comply with the FOPH's (self-)quarantine regulations.


  1. All staff on the visitor tour have been trained with regard to the content of the protection concept.
  2. A reminder of these measures is published in the weekly management newsletter.
  3. The FOPH's measures are posted several times during the entire visitor tour, starting at the entrance.
  4. Customers are asked to make cashless payments at the ticket offices.


The measures are to be implemented at the management level in order to effectively implement and adapt the protective measures. Appropriate protection of persons at risk must be ensured.


  1. The application of the measures is monitored daily by the responsible person (on-call person and company paramedic).
  2. Particular attention must be paid to the provision of a sufficient quantity of disinfectants and personal protective equipment. In the event of a deficiency, the responsible person immediately reports this to the management.
  3. Weekly Covid update at the operational management meetings
  4. Updating of the management team's action plan according to the evolution of the applicable guidelines




  1. The service in the café is organised according to the guidelines of GastroSuisse with an appropriate protection plan
  2. The collection of visitor data is carried out using the OK Resto application. QR codes are placed at the entrances to the site
  3. For visitors who are not able to use the application for technical reasons, manual data entry sheets are available. They are collected every day by the back office, which enters them in an electronic file. The datas are kept for 14 days.


Icons made by monkik, Freepik and srip from
Custom Workshop

chocolate workshops

At Cailler, we are particularly proud of our chocolate expertise and love to share our passion, experience and craftsmanship with chocolate-lovers from all over the world at our chocolaterie in Broc.

At our chocolate workshop, our chocolatiers will introduce you to the art of tempering and ganache-making and learn to make your own chocolate works of art. You’ll be able to take your special creations home with you, along with some unforgettable memories.

Book a workshop online now and create your own chocolate dream!

"At Maison Cailler, we combine creativity and craftsmanship with exquisite chocolate – that’s why we have the sweetest job in the world!"
Géraldine Maras, Chef Chocolatier

Escape Game


Maison Cailler's Escape Game has returned with a brand new story! In an authentic vintage wagon, you will be immersed in the universe of our famous Rayon chocolate. A delicious reward is awaiting the bravest ones.

An unforgettable experience in a unique setting, to share with family and friends!

Maximum 5 people can participate to the Escape Game.

Boutique & Café

Boutique & cafe

Enjoy our famous hot chocolate at Café Cailler, where you can savour a range of hot and cold beverages, light snacks, and desserts created by our chocolatiers. At the Cailler boutique, you'll find the entire Cailler chocolate range of products, as well as gifts and souvenirs, including T-shirts, posters, and mugs. And at the confectioner’s, you can shop for exquisite authentic Swiss chocolate creations.




Looking for a fun gourmet group activity that people will long remember? Need a meeting room for organising your events in a deliciously chocolate atmosphere? Maison Cailler has just what you need!
You will find below all our offers for company and family outings as well as school trips. For more information or to reserve a group event in our chocolate factory in Broc, please contact our customer service, who will be happy to prepare a tailor-made offer for you.

Birthdays and school outings


What child has never dreamed of celebrating his or her birthday in a chocolate factory? Come and celebrate your child’s birthday at the Maison Cailler with a programme specially designed for the occasion. 

For details and reservations: click here


For schools: The Secret of Chocolate

Come with your class and discover the world of chocolate. For school groups we offer "The secret of chocolate", an educational workshop specially designed for schoolchildren aged 6 to 16. The workshop lasts 1 hour and costs CHF 20.- per child.  

For details and reservations: contact us

NEW - Cailler Chocolate LAB

Discover the exclusive workshops of our Cailler Chocolate Lab for corporate or group outings that will appeal to all chocolate lovers! 

With our chocolatiers, you will indulge in a unique sensory experience, during which you will discover what goes on behind the scenes of the Cailler chocolate factory. An outing that your friends and colleagues will long remember!

Cailler Chocolate LAB: The magic from the cocoa tree to chocolate

An exciting workshop combining theory and practice, during which you will learn all about the history of chocolate, from the cocoa plantations to the bean to bar process. You will taste the ingredients of the cocoa pods and beans in different forms: mucilage, juice, roasted beans and even cocoa liqueur! In addition, you will attend a demonstration of craft chocolate manufacturing, from beans to finished product, as well as an introduction to tempering. Finally, you will put into practice what you have learned by creating two 150g Cailler chocolate bars in the kitchen of the Cailler Chocolate Lab.

For groups of 8 to 24 adults.

Price: CHF 89.- / person
Duration: 1h50

Cailler Chocolate LAB: The call of the senses and your artistic talents

Awaken your five senses and discover how our taste perception system functions! 

You will start by tasting various raw materials which will enable you to discover all the savours of the chocolate: sweet, savoury, acidic and bitter. Then you will learn the whole art of tempering through a demonstration given by our chocolate makers. Last but not least, you will personalise two 150g Cailler chocolate bars in the Cailler Chocolate Lab kitchen.

For groups of 8 to 24 adults.

Price: CHF 67.- / person
Duration: 1h20

Cailler Chocolate LAB: The Truffles workshop for your team outings

Become a master of the art of the chocolate truffle and concoct your own delicacies as you wish in the exclusive kitchen of the Cailler Chocolate Lab.

For groups of 8 to 24 adults.

Price: CHF 67.- / person
Duration: 1h30

Room rentals and organisation of your events

At Maison Cailler, we like to please our guests! Hence, we are at your disposal to organise your events in a gourmet chocolate ambiance. Whether for renting rooms, catering or any other request on the organisation of your events, do not hesitate to contact us.

B2B offers

Looking for an original and personalised gift? Discover all our B2B offers, specially developed for our commercial clients.



French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean


Open 7 days a week
01.04 to 31.10
01.11 to 31.03
Last on-site ticket sales 1 hour before closing
Maison Cailler is wheelchair-friendly
Large and small luggage lockers are available for your bags
Complimentary mobile phone charging stations and free Wi-Fi are at your disposal
A playground is available for children
For hygienic reasons, pets are not allowed


Adults CHF 15.-
Students, Seniors, and Disabled CHF 12.-
Children up to 16 years old:   Free with parents' admission
Only standard rates are available online. For any discount, promotion, voucher or free admission, please go to the ticket office on site.
To avoid waiting time, book your tickets online. On busy days, the waiting time can reach 3 hours
Discover our tempting chocolate workshops, where both young and old can create their own chocolate works of art with our chocolatiers

Groups of 10 adults or more: CHF 12.- /person

Groups of children up to 16 years old: CHF 5.- /child

1 free accompanying adult per 10 children.
Each additional accompanying adult: CHF 12.-

To check availability and book for groups of 20 adults or more, please contact us by e-mail at or phone on +41 26 921 59 60.


Take the A12 highway to the Bulle exit, then follow the H189 towards Charmey-Jaun. At the roundabout in Broc, take the 3rd exit onto Rue Alexandre Cailler, then follow Rue Nestlé to Rue Jules Bellet.
Free parking available.

+ 41 26 921 59 60

Train station: Broc-Fabrique
Take advantage of the discounted SBB RailAway combined offer:
GoldenPass: Enjoy a day trip on the Chocolate Train from Montreux to Broc: