All persons in the company wash their hands regularly.


  1. Employees have access to disinfection points and can wash their hands regularly.
  2. Employees can also obtain gloves on request.
  3. Customers disinfect their hands at the entrance (ensure that the information is visible at the entrance) and at various points along the entire tour.
  4. Customers have the opportunity to disinfect their shopping basket with disposable towels in the boutique.
  5. The concept of our tasting room will be adapted.
  6. The raw materials room will be adapted. There is no longer self-service, but customers can taste the raw materials in the tasting room on demand


Employees and all other persons keep a distance of two metres from each other.


  1. Social Distancing is ensured by means of markings on the floor along the entire tour, where relevant (ticketing kiosks, boutique, café, etc.), to demarcate the waiting areas.
  2. A Plexiglas protection will be installed at the ticket offices.
  3. In addition to the unidirectional tour, Maison Cailler limits the time slots available online to limit crowds and queues on site.
  4. The number of places in the Atelier du Chocolat is limited due to current regulations.
  5. Access to the toilets and staff changing rooms is limited, allowing staff to relax safely during their breaks.


Less than two metres distance unavoidable

The specific aspects of the work and professional situations must be taken into account in order to ensure protection.


  1. If the safety distance cannot be maintained, a mask must be worn.
  2. Employees are given 2 masks a day at the site.
  3. No hand to hand contact. Employees are instructed to use the service counters for handing out products etc.


Surfaces and objects must be cleaned regularly and appropriately after use, especially if they are touched by multiple persons.


  1. The cleaning plan of ISS (including waste disposal, toilet cleaning) will be extended to ensure a more regular flow.
  2. Employees will be provided with disinfectant products so that they can disinfect their workplace upon arrival and after returning from their break.
  3. Employees are also encouraged to regularly clean the parts of the service counters used by customers throughout the day.
  4. There is no material sharing in the Atelier du Chocolat. Each customer receives his own utensils at his workplace.
  5. The employees already have personal work clothes, which they maintain on their own responsibility.



  1. For employees who belong to a risk group: home office is to be preferred in order to avoid customer contact. If not possible, use a mask and follow the FOPH's hygiene recommendations.
  2. For customers who belong to a risk group: It is possible to reserve a separate time slot for the visit via the customer service or on request on site.



  1. Those affected must be sent home immediately and asked to place themselves in self quarantine in accordance with the FOPH's regulations.
  2. An internal report must be prepared and followed up with the nurse of the facility and the person responsible for SHE.
  3. Maison Cailler employees are subject to the regulations applicable to Nestlé Switzerland employees.


The specific aspects of the work and professional situations must be taken into account in order to ensure protection.


  1. Employees must be instructed in the correct use of masks and the correct practices for washing hands.
  2. Waste disposal: There is a separate waste bin for the masks at the reception of the site.
  3. The straps of the audio guides are cleaned regularly.


Employees and all other persons concerned must be informed about the regulations and measures. Sick persons must be sent home and asked to comply with the FOPH's (self-)quarantine regulations.


  1. All staff on the visitor tour have been trained with regard to the content of the protection concept.
  2. A reminder of these measures is published in the weekly management newsletter.
  3. The FOPH's measures are posted several times during the entire visitor tour, starting at the entrance.
  4. Customers are asked to make cashless payments at the ticket offices.


The measures are to be implemented at the management level in order to effectively implement and adapt the protective measures. Appropriate protection of persons at risk must be ensured.


  1. The application of the measures is monitored daily by the responsible person (on-call person and company paramedic).
  2. Particular attention must be paid to the provision of a sufficient quantity of disinfectants and personal protective equipment. In the event of a deficiency, the responsible person immediately reports this to the management.
  3. Weekly Covid update at the operational management meetings
  4. Updating of the management team's action plan according to the evolution of the applicable guidelines




  1. The service in the café is organised according to the guidelines of GastroSuisAse with an appropriate protection plan
  2. The collection of visitor data is carried out using the OK Resto application. QR codes are placed at the entrances to the site
  3. For visitors who are not able to use the application for technical reasons, manual data entry sheets are available. They are collected every day by the back office, which enters them in an electronic file. The datas are kept for 14 days.


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